Why Learn Android Programming

Why Learn Android Programming?

The IT Job market is on the rise and one of the top job from the top jobs list include Mobile application development. The ramp of Mobile will impact all forms of technology and will continue with its pace. So along with it comes the need for talent to drive those processes and hence lot of organizations are looking forward to hire programmers in mobile development space. People from all over are switching from laptops and notebooks to smartphones for many things.

There are various smart phone operating systems(OS) available like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc. Among all of them Android stands out as the winner with no other competitor even near to it in terms of its user base. Android has a huge market share and almost 300 million smart phones run Android OS. It looks set to completely dominate the high growth in developing markets and has set the stage to increase it further.

  • Among the developing markets, India ranks only behind to China in terms of the smart phone users which is just 10 % of the overall mobile users base. So there is a huge potential going forward for growth in India itself.
  • In India each subscriber average is almost 2 SIM cards so the current active mobile connections is 760 million and the number of registered mobile connection is 889 million.
  • Projections suggests that Active mobile connections in India should exceed 900 million by 2016 and the use of smart phones will increase very rapidly.
  • The average time by an Indian user on mobile apps is around 70 to 75 minutes per day.
  • The revenue generated by Mobile value added services is expected to grow and touch around Rs. 500 billion by 2015.

More importantly, According to IDC, Android enjoys 91% of market share in India and the second nearest is windows which is just 5.4%. So considering the value added services growth and the market share of Android it is pretty clear that is a huge potential for Android based application development.

The salary range in India for an entry level android application developers is in the range of 3 lacs to 4.5 lacs PA. The job locations for Android developers is across India. One should have good hands-on knowledge on Java before taking up Android programming.

Hope it is pretty clear that learning android programming will help you to have a bright career in the challenging and growth oriented IT sector.

Happy Learning!!