As part of the digital India movement initiative it is essential to learn software tools which facility you to carry your work effectively and efficiently. Professional MS Office program is one such essential
program which will enable you to perform task such as

  • To perform computations, report and analyse sales figures, taxes, commissions etc., store numerical data, share and much more using the world’s most powerful tool “The Microsoft Excel”.

  • To develop presentations using the power of world’s ultimate tool “The Microsoft Power Point”.

  • To develop your profiles, synopsis, project documents etc. using the default tool “The Microsoft Word”.

Yes, Of course! The course covers all the basic and advance technical ingredient available in the market. However it offers an extra edge by providing the participants more practices of practical problem faced by our industry. Last but not the least the program is conducted by seasoned industry experts to make a complete sense.

Highlights of the program:

  • Know-how of the MS office tool-sets to build strong base

  • Manage high volume data like an expert

  • Using frequent used formatting technics

  • Leveraging Data Sorting and Filtering

  • Impeccable report structure

  • Powerful presentations

  • Do’s and Don’t of the business world

What you need to do?

Just relax and participate in the program for only 30 hours of your precious time.

What will you achieve?

You will carve out a niche in the highly competitive Job market. Believe on us!!