• Introduction to HTML
  • Understand the key differences between HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Structure Web Content using new HTML5 semantic elements
  • Develop Rich Internet Applications using HTML5
  • Develop Offline Web Apps using local storage
  • Use audio and video in your HTML page – without any plugins
  • Unleash your imagination to create stunning drawings using the new Canvas element
  • Manage Background Tasks using new HTML5 feature called Workers


  • Introduction to CSS
  • Make Web Pages Visually Appealing using CSS
  • Identify the elements to style based on selectors and learn to use pseudo-classes
  • Understand style inheritance and cascading
  • Add and position graphics to web pages using CSS
  • Enhance site navigation and style navigation links
  • Understand the new CSS3 Effects and transforms
  • Understand CSS layouts
  • Learn about Responsive Web Design